5 minutes earlier: filming of Duccio Chiarini’s teen series is underway in Turin

Filming is underway in Turin for the new teen dramedy TV series by Duccio Chiarini, 5 minutes earlier; in the cast the actress and singer Tecla Insolia.

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The first love. The first goodbye. The first important choice. First time. And the first shots: a Torino the camera was lit on the scenes of the series produced by Panamafilm in collaboration with Rai Fiction and with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte, 5 minutes earlier directed by Duccio Chiarini.

5 minutes earlier: a photo of the cast

The story, set in Turin today, follows the events of the sixteen-year-old Nina and her group of friends, struggling with sex, love, friendship, the construction of her own identity, retracing the dynamics that make life adolescence the most powerful and explosive moment of our lives. If life places us all in front of difficult choices, adolescence succeeds in multiplying the pressures, expectations, difficulties of living in society, in the family, with our loved ones. The first times are many and obviously the “first time par excellence” is never forgotten. Which rarely goes as imagined, but manages to be the same for everyone: in everyone’s experience, in fact, resides an awkward and tragically comic memory of the discovery of sex. A threshold that teenagers of every generation are waiting to cross with trepidation, the only stage that will never go out of style. Nina’s first time is late in arriving, she freezes, panics and doesn’t understand why, while her friends all appear to her much older and richer in experiences. Between perceptions, omissions and lies, different tastes and sexual disinhibitions, the world around Nina leads her to get to know each other, to understand what her true wishes are and how to face her fears. Not just about sex, but above all in complicated human relationships.

In the cast the actress and singer Tecla Insolia (winner of Sanremo Young 2019 and interpreter of Nada in the TV movie Rai The girl who did not want to sing) in the role of Nina and the young Ludovica Ciaschetti, Isnaba Na Monthce, Simone Fumagalli, Edoardo Pagliai, Sonia Caretto, Laura Martinelli, Sara Lughi. To complete the cast the “adults” Francesco Siciliano, Alessandro Garbin, Valentina Carnelutti, Tatiana Lepore, Alberto Barbi.

Director Duccio Chiarini declares: “The idea of ​​this series is to tell the bewildered fragility with which so many adolescents still live their first sexual experiences today despite many superficial representations describe them as a very uninhibited generation. The problematic relationship with sex and the affections experienced by the protagonist, around which the stories of the co-stars unfold, he thus composes a delicate mosaic that gently tells a more intimate and profound transition to adulthood. “

The 5 minutes before TV series is produced by Panamafilm in collaboration with Rai Fiction and with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte and will consist of eight episodes. Filming will end at the end of December and will involve various locations in the Piedmontese capital, including Liceo Classico Gioberti, Istituto Albe Steiner, ITC – International Training Center of the ILO, skatepark Parco Dora Circolo Canottaggio, Little Nemo Art Gallery, Murazzi, Parco del Valentino, Monte dei Cappuccini.

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