5 haircuts that promise to be a trend in 2023: hairstylist gives tips to change the look

Time has passed and 2022 is entering the final stretch. Calendar change always causes a sense of renewal and makes room for us to reinvent ourselves. In the case of women, this usually starts with the hair.

As every year, 2023 should be marked by cuts that will become a trend and dictate the most coveted styles in the country. THE hairdresser and visagist Ruth Damarisowner of the renowned salon VISS Cabeleireiros Visagistas, in São Paulo, already has indications of the cuts that should dominate the beauty sector next year.

5 haircuts that promise to be a trend in 2023:

baby bang

The main feature is the short bangs combined with shoulder length locks. The cut is able to change the look without interfering too much with the length of the strands.

short bob

It is one of the most suitable cuts for those who want shorter hair without sacrificing elegance. It’s already trending in 2022 and should stay that way for a few more years.

long bob

The long bob is a kind of cooler chanel. The cut suits straight, curly and wavy hair. Therefore, it must prevail in Brazil, where we find different types of threads.

shaggy hair

For those who like a more relaxed style, the main recommendation is shaggy hair. The cut is characterized by irregular strands that give a sense of movement. The peaked details make the difference and draw attention.

asymmetric cut

As the name says, it is the cut in which the sides of the hair are cut in different ways. It is perfect for transmitting elegance and, at the same time, boldness.

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