42 days in the dark: similarities and differences with the real case of the Netflix series


This week the first original series created in Chile by Netflix arrived on the streaming platform. was inspired by the book you know who by Rodrigo Fluxa.

The series has a total of 6 episodes.
© NetflixThe series has a total of 6 episodes.

The catalog of original productions of Netflix continues to expand and this week the first original production made in Chile hit the platform. Is about 42 days in the dark, a fiction inspired by real events and made up of a total of 6 episodes that were all released together on May 11. For lovers of true crime and stories like the recent ones We own this city Y The StaircaseThey are must-sees.

The story of 42 days in the dark focuses on the tragic case of the accountant Viviana Hager, a woman who mysteriously disappeared in a private neighborhood in Puerto Varas, Chile, and was found almost a month and a half later by police on the roof of her house. The event occurred on June 29, 2010 and was told in the book You know who. Notes on the murder of Viviana Haeger who wrote Rodrigo Fluxawho works as a screenwriter for the miniseries.

+The real facts of 42 days in the dark


In the new series Netflixthe protagonist is Cecilia, Veronica’s sister, who works desperately to find Veronica despite the failures of the police and media pressure. One of the issues that is mentioned in the series is the possibility of self-kidnapping, from a movie that appears in the house. With the name of heaven’s burning centers on a woman who fakes her kidnapping to elope with her lover. This movie actually made an appearance in the house and kept many tossing around the self-kidnapping theory for a long time.

One of the central figures of 42 days in the dark is the lawyer of the Montes family, of whom much more is developed than what is really known, and he even invents a problematic relationship with his son to add conflict to the plot. But the reality is that the real name is not even used and this was something that happened with several elements of the series, which starts from the real event but chooses to modify some names to preserve those involved.

On the other hand, although several points that are shown about the case are real, there are several temporary aspects that are modified. For example, Veronica’s mother takes time to find out about her because her family hides the fact from her for a while, while in the series she simply finds out later. And if it is about the family, there are several modified points, based on the fact that the composition of the family is altered (there are not as many as in real life) and the German ancestry that is omitted in 42 days in the dark.

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