4 deaths that could happen in Stranger Things 4 Part 2

Stranger Things 4 – Volume 1 arrived in May in the catalog of Netflix with big changes in what we knew about their characters: the group was separated for the first time and part of the young people had to return to the Upside Down.

Meanwhile, the adults were in Russia, and there’s still a lot to go on in volume 2, which promises to be explosive.

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Fans are looking forward to the upcoming events of the hit Netflix show, including likely deaths, as we are in the final stretch of the narrative and the creators have promised plenty of drama and tension.

Check out below four characters that, according to the website Clutch Pointsmay die in the next episodes:

Nancy Wheeler

The first volume ended with Nancy being possessed by Vecna, and it looks like the character is in great danger. The trailer for the second part revealed that Nancy is fine, but we don’t know for how long. Will her friends be able to prevent her from being killed, just as they prevented Max’s death?


Steve is also involved with Nancy, Robin and Eddie in their adventures through the Upside Down. He’s become one of the audience’s favorite characters, and if the creators want to make an impact on the series’ fans, killing Steve would certainly guarantee good tears, especially if it was a sacrifice to save Nancy, who he still seems to have a crush on, or his best friend Dustin.


Hopper almost died in the Stranger Things season 3 finale, and it looks like he might come face to face with death once again. The trailer for the new season shows that there is a demodog in the Russian prison and Hopper will need to face him if he wants to make it back to Hawkins alive.

Even if he manages to be reunited with the others, he is Eleven’s adoptive father and, if necessary, would probably sacrifice himself to save the girl, in a possible death that would end his cycle with a golden key.

Mike Wheeler

And speaking of deaths that would affect Eleven, her boyfriend Mike is also not safe from theories for the next episodes of Stranger Things. The characters were separated shortly after a fight, so killing Mike before he can come to terms with Eleven would be very cruel, but it’s still something that can happen.

Stranger Things 4 – Volume 2 arrives on Netflix on July 1, 2022.

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