33-year-old mother shocked after delivery man passed through her home: ‘I felt scared and anxious in my own home’

This story happens to a 33-year-old mother who was due to receive a parcel delivered by Tesco. On the day of delivery, she suffered an intrusion from the delivery man. “I felt scared and anxious in my own home,” she says.

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The reason ? The delivery man allegedly tried to kiss her by grabbing her face with his hands. According to the Sun, “She turned away and felt her finger slide down her nose and lip. He smiled, apologized, and left when she tried to close the door. »

It could be that the man spotted the young woman, because he had already dropped off his package, but returned a minute later. The mother immediately contacted the Tesco company: “It is unacceptable for someone to do this. I had no intention of making this matter public, but the response [initiale] from Tesco was not appropriate. »

Eventually, the police opened an investigation into the incident. Tesco has also suspended the driver pending investigation. “We were really concerned to hear this and we take complaints of this nature extremely seriously. We immediately launched an internal investigation and contacted the woman to apologize and inform her of the action taken on our side.”

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