3 unforgettable films with Ricardo Darín nominated for the Oscar Award and where to see them


Ricardo Darín is one of the great actors that Argentina has and we remind you of these Oscar-nominated films of his. Where to see them?

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Ricardo Darin He is an Argentine actor with an impeccable career who began working in the medium at the end of the 1960s until he achieved international recognition with some of his projects. The interpreter was honored on more than one occasion with prizes such as the Goya for Best Actor in 2015 and the silver shell in the same category, in this case, for his performance in the dramatic comedy Truman.

The actor has been active for decades and has countless appearances in film, TV and theater. In addition, he is a producer and director. His versatility allowed him to bring characters from different social classes and backgrounds to life. One of the most remembered of him is the scammer to whom he lent his body on the tape Nine Queens. Ricardo Darin was part of the cast of four films nominated for oscar one of which took the coveted statuette. Currently the tape Argentina, 1985 in which you participate can take the Academy Award.

+ Oscar-nominated films with Darín

– The son of the bride

At 42, Rafael Belvedere is going through a crisis. He lives in the shadow of his father, he feels guilty because he rarely visits his elderly mother, his ex-wife says he doesn’t spend enough time with his daughter and has yet to acquire a engagement with his girlfriend. At his lowest point, a minor heart attack reunites him with Juan Carlos, a childhood friend who helps him reconstruct his past.

You can see it in Star+ and Movistar Play.

– The Secret in Their Eyes

Benjamín Esposito is an officer of a recently retired Investigating Court in Buenos Aires. Obsessed by a brutal murder that occurred twenty-five years earlier, in 1974, he decides to write a novel about the case, of which he was a witness and protagonist. Reliving the past, the memory of a woman also comes to his mind, whom he has loved in silence during all these years.

You can see it in Star+.

– Wild Tales

Inequality, injustice, and the demands of the world we live in cause many people to become stressed or depressed. Some explode. This is a movie about them. Vulnerable before a reality that suddenly changes and becomes unpredictable, the protagonists cross the thin border that divides civilization from barbarism. A betrayal of love, the return of a repressed past or the violence contained in a daily detail are the perfect excuse for these wild stories.

You can see it in HBO Max.

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