3 movies similar to Welcome to Eden only on Netflix


Welcome to Eden is the new great success of Netflix and in Spoiler we want to recommend movies with the same spirit as that popular novelty.

welcome to eden
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welcome to eden tells the story of a group of young influencers who receive an invitation to participate in a party on an exotic island organized by a beverage brand. Before agreeing to be part of this event that has the potential to change their lives forever, they ask each of them: “You are happy?”. Those who accept will soon discover that paradise is not what it seems.

Netflix hit the nail on the head again with this show that became very popular and three months before its premiere it was renewed for a second batch of episodes, thus demonstrating the confidence of the streaming giant in the project. Now we are going to review three movies similar to this TV show that you can find in the catalog of Netflix.

+Similar to Welcome to Eden

3. The Return to the Blue Lagoon

It is a sequel to the original 80s film where the son of the couple who was stranded on an island in the past finds himself in the same situation as his parents, but with a widow and her daughter. Soon they must discover how to survive while love is born between the young protagonists. The cast? Mila Jovovich, Brian Krause, and Lisa Pelikan.

2. The Blue Lake: The Awakening

A study trip ends in a difficult situation for two young people who are stranded in a paradisiacal place and must use all their ingenuity and resources to survive. In the midst of this situation, an inexhaustible attraction arises between the main characters of this film that, thanks to their locations, reminds us of welcome to eden. The cast: Indiana Evans, Brenton Thwaites and Denise Richards.

1. Terror at 47 Meters: The Second Attack

Two sisters join two classmates on a paradise scuba exploration of underwater ruins, only to end up stalked by a shark with heightened senses. Similar to welcome to eden in the sense that the experience ends up being something different from what they expected in a setting that stands out for the beauty of its locations. Starring Sophie Nélisse, Corinne Foxx and Nia Long.

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