24-year-old Bo died of heart failure during New Year’s party in Zutendaal

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24-year-old Bo Gilissen, who died on Saturday night during a New Year’s party in youth center De Kaller in Zutendaal, died of heart failure. His bosom friend Arthon Gregoor confirms this.

Chris Nelis/Olivier Simons

The traditional Feast of the Fiery Hope took place in Zutendaal on Saturday evening. After the New Year’s party on Vijverplein ended at 11 p.m., young and old went to youth center De Kaller to continue celebrating. But around midnight, 24-year-old Bo Gilissen suddenly became unwell and fell to the ground. Bystanders and the emergency services tried to resuscitate him, but he eventually died in hospital.

The Limburg public prosecutor’s office started the scenario of unusual deaths. The autopsy took place on Monday. This showed that the 24-year-old Zutendale resident died of natural causes. “Bo died of heart failure, in particular a narrowing of the coronary artery,” says bosom friend Arthon Gregoor. “It’s terrible.” cn/sil

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