2025 is the end: Axel Milberg leaves the Kieler "crime scene"

2025 is the end
Axel Milberg leaves the “crime scene” in Kiel

It’s hard to imagine the Kiel “crime scene” without Commissioner Borowski. But actor Axel Milberg says goodbye to his role after more than 20 years. It is already known who will be at the center of the northern thriller in the future.

After more than 20 years as “Tatort” investigator Klaus Borowski, the role of actor Axel Milberg will soon be over. The Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Hamburg announced that he would be seen in the first episode alongside his colleague Mila Sahin (Almila Bagriacik) until 2025. Borowski has been investigating with Sahin since 2017. Milberg has played the commissioner since 2003.

“There was never a routine in the ‘crime scene’, nothing was repeated, every ‘crime scene’ in Kiel was different,” said Milberg, according to the statement. It was often – incidentally – a declaration of love to his first home, the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Milberg has played the likeable North German commissioner in 38 episodes so far.

“Look ahead”

“As nice as it was to focus on the character “Borowski”, after 21 years the market is changing and so am I. I have therefore asked the management of the NDR not to extend our contract again and I am looking forward to the new one. Now it works my look ahead,” Milberg said.

With the departure of the exceptional actor, an era comes to an end, said NDR director Joachim Knuth according to the announcement. “Axel Milberg shaped the ‘Tatort’ from Kiel for two decades and with his character Klaus Borowski developed his very own North German character, which fits in perfectly with Schleswig-Holstein.”

After Milberg left, Almila Bagriacik should be at the center of the new “Tatort” team in Kiel from 2026. With Milberg, Sibel Kekilli (as Commissioner Sarah Brandt) and Maren Eggert (as criminal psychologist Frieda Jung) were the second leading roles in front of the camera.

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