2022 World Cup: Raymond Domenech tackles Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappé!

After the very bad news concerning the injury of Karim Benzema, the Blues finally reassured their fans by returning in a very good way to a World Cup of which they are the defending champions. By beating Australia and scoring four goals, Didier Deschamps’ men showed that they should be counted on during this World Cup held in Qatar. But at the dawn of challenging Denmark in a very important match for qualification in the round of 16, some are still worried about the ability of the Blues to be intractable.

Guest on the set of The Evening Team Wednesday, November 23, Raymond Domenech has already announced that the task against the Danes would be difficult: “The strong point of the Ladynark is the occupation of the midfield. A team that will be much more dangerous when it goes to defend. When they keep the ball in midfield, find support and manage to play… Expanding the midfield would not be an aberration!

The former coach of the France team also pointed out the weaknesses according to him of the two attackers Olivier Giroud and Kylian Mbappé. “What did Mbappé do? If there is someone who does not defend well, who has not defended at all… Giroud, he has not defended more. He returned to his position while walking, calm, he is positioned. The circles were 15 meters from him and he was not running there! He was not concerned with recovery at all.“, he noted.

You have to be careful against Denmark. If we let them manage from behind to find the midfielders, we can be in trouble. When you play with two midfielders like that with two outsiders and the centre-forward remaining, there will be spaces where they will be able to play. They’ve already done it to us! It’s necessary to be vigilant.“, he concluded, worried.


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