2022 Christmas panettones from pastry chef Christophe Louie

By Laura B. Photos by Laura B. Posted Nov 24, 2022 6:43 PM

For Christmas, there are logs. But did you know that there is also this Italian brioche called panettone? And that’s good because pastry chef Christophe Louie has made panettone his specialty. It declines this sweetness in several flavors. Treats available in its winter pop-up store from December 9 to 23, 2022.

the chief pastry chef French Christopher Louie did some panettone her speciality.
Also, he declines this Christmas bun in a thousand and one ways. And, good news for gourmets, its panettones are available in its pop up storeat Paristhem December 9 and 10, December 16 and 17 then the December 22 and 23, 2022.

Of Milanese origin, the panettone is a filled brioche traditionally with raisins, candied fruit and citrus zest and tasted at Christmas, but not only. The Italians, in particular, eat panettone on almost all occasions. And, more than just dessert, it’s a real bakery pastry.

Christopher Louie went through big houses (Le Meurice, Dalloyau…). In 2018, he began training at the International Bakery School where he deepened his knowledge of Natural leavenwhich he uses for the recipe of his panettones.

Christophe Louie's panettonesChristophe Louie's panettonesChristophe Louie's panettones

the pastry chef Christophe Louie elaborated several recipes of panettones which are 750 grams for this Christmas 2022 : a recipe traditional (with some almonds Puglia, Candied orange from Calabria, from Honey Francilien cheese and Charentes-Poitou PDO butter) and another recipe at chocolate (always with PDO butter but also dark chocolate of Cuba 65% of Nicolas Berger and milk chocolate 40% from Madagascar).

His panettone to chocolate is divine: between the bread and the Brioche, slightly fondant, we would get up at night to eat it. This sweetness, not too sweet and of which we subtly feel the presence of leavencontains big chunks of chocolatebut also nuggets smaller. And, on top, the pastry chef had the good idea to add a few Hazelnut which caramelize during cooking.
And if you think that 750 grams is still a lot, rest assured, no time to waste, the panettone of Christopher Louie eats itself.

The panettones of Christopher Louie are available in its shop short-lived but also by mailing.

And if for Christmas 2022in addition to the traditional yule log, we succumbed to panettones of Christopher Louie ?

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