200 GB mobile plan at € 9.99, the cheapest maxi data offer at the moment!

Prixtel makes the maxi data plan more accessible to the public! As part of a promotion valid until January 18, 2022, the MVNO is offering its 200 GB non-binding plan at only € 9.99 / month. A great deal not to be missed if you are into SVoD and online games.

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What could be better than a mobile plan that matches our budget and adapts to our consumption? For several years, Prixtel seduced by its flexible or adjustable package formula. It allows its subscribers to pay only for what they consume. The amount of their bill changes according to the amount of mobile data they have consumed in a month. With this system, there is never a risk of paying an additional cost following a possible exceeding of the fixed price. Indeed, the MVNO has done everything to ensure that its customers can use their mobile plan with peace of mind.

In addition to their flexibility, Prixtel plans are also affordable. With the regular promotions launched by the operator, you can buy a Prixtel package from € 4.99 / month, for 40 GB. The maxi data package is also cheaper there. From € 6.99 / month, you can take advantage of a mobile plan with 100 GB of mobile data. The 200 GB of data also costs only € 9.99 / month. In addition, the offer is available in 5G.

200 GB plan at € 9.99 / month: the offer dedicated to large consumers

For a 200 GB mobile plan, this is undoubtedly the cheapest offer on the market today. The Giant package comes with unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, as well as a 20 GB internet envelope for your next trips to Europe and the French overseas departments and territories.

Flexible, this plan offers 200 to 260 GB of mobile data with a price that changes according to your consumption. For the promotion valid until January 18, the price is set as follows:

  • € 9.99 / month for one year then € 15.99 / month for consumption of less than 200 GB;
  • € 12.99 / month for one year then € 18.99 / month for consumption between 200 and 230 GB;
  • € 15.99 / month for one year then € 21.99 / month for consumption between 230 and 260 GB.

The prices indicated below apply to the 4G version of the Giant package. If you want to surf at a faster speed and test 5G, the option is sold at 5 € / month. In other words, the 200 GB of 5G costs only € 14.99 / month.

Finally, remember that by subscribing to a Prixtel mobile plan, you benefit from the quality of the SFR mobile network. CO2 neutral, this package is also a way to consume while preserving the planet.

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Two other promos not to be missed at Prixtel!

You don’t consume so many gigas in a month? Here are two promo offers that might interest you at MVNO:

  • Le petit package with 40 to 60 GB of data from € 4.99 / month;
  • Le grand package with 100 to 140 GB of data from € 6.99 / month.

These promotions are also valid until January 18, 2022.

What you must remember

  • – Mobile plans on offer until January 18, 2022;
    – From 200 to 260 GB of data in 4G / 5G from € 9.99 / month
    Find out more about Prixtel

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