20 years "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone": Suitable gifts for fans of Harry, Hermine & Co.

Would you like to give a present to a Harry Potter fan? Nothing easier than that. Countless merchandise products offer a multitude of possibilities – all you have to do is decide …

20 years of “Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone” – on November 22, 2001, the first part of the film series started in German cinemas. Hard to believe. The popularity of JK Rowling’s stories has not decreased a bit since then. Whether for a film anniversary, Christmas or a birthday – with a Harry Potter present you are always right with the numerous fans. We have put together a nice selection from the variety of gift ideas.

Harry Potter gifts: a hit, not just for the 20th anniversary of the film on November 22nd

Many of the fans of Harry Potter, Hermione and Co. could probably surround themselves with Hogwarts student merchandise from morning to evening. From the first coffee in the morning in a stylish coffee cup to the cozy socks that you slip into in the evening so you don’t get cold feet in bed – a life entirely dedicated to Harry Potter is possible. Nevertheless, we have selected some special features for you that are ideal as Harry Potter gifts for fans.

T-shirt, socks or scarf? Wrapped in Harry Potter from head to toe

Sure, a Fan-Shirt belongs to Basic equipment of a Potterheadas Harry Potter followers call themselves inside. But there are also numerous other items of clothing that can serve as Harry Potter gifts and may not yet be in the wardrobe of the person receiving the gift.

Warm socks might not seem like a very original gift at first glance. But with a Harry Potter motif, you are sure to delight a fan with it. They are available in numerous colors and with different motifs. This colorful-striped model with the Hogwarts crest keeps feet thanks Thermal lining warm and cares with anti-slip knobs for security.

Harry Potter fans are well packaged in autumn and winter with one Gryffindor scarf. Soft material protects against cold, wind and weather. The scarf comes from the official merchandise repertoire and includes a certificate of authenticity. If you want to give such a gift to a younger person, you can go straight to a whole set the end Scarf, gloves and wizard hat set. The latter is probably only used on special occasions, but the scarf and gloves are suitable for everyday use and are not only nice to look at, but also functional.

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Stylish jewelry is one of the favorites of Harry Potter gifts. No wonder, after all, the selection is large and there is the right accessory for everyone. Be it a beautiful one Chain with the golden snitch, a silver bangle or a couple Earrings in the style of “The Deathly Hallows” – the recipient will shine with their Harry Potter present.

Coffee cup, to-go mug or a notebook? Little Harry Potter gifts, great joy

For many people, a hot cup of coffee is a good start to the day. With a coffee pot In Harry Potter style, even the biggest morning grouch should be in a good mood. This relatively simple, red model with the golden school coat of arms from Hogwarts is ideal for this and can of course also be used for tea or hot cocoa.

If you want the recipient to have a hot drink on the go, then you might prefer one To-Go-Becher, which takes up the Harry Potter design including the Hogwarts crest and keeps the drink nice and warm thanks to thermal insulation.

This beautiful one is a small all-rounder Notebook with the noble Hogwarts cover in leather look. Regardless of whether the Harry Potter gift is used as a notebook, secret diary or to write your own fan fiction – this offers space or pages Notebook guaranteed enough. In addition, the set not only includes a lock and key, but also a special pen that makes the writing seem invisible. Only with the light of the magic pen can you read what has been written in the notebook. A piece of real magic for Harry Potter fans.

Lego, puzzle or new reading material? Harry Potter entertainment

When a Potterhead isn’t reading or watching movies, he doesn’t necessarily have to do without his favorite book or film series. There are from Lego, for example countless sets that bring the world of Harry Potter to life. In this way, the person receiving the gift – regardless of whether they are young or old – can have something personal in their own home Hogwarts or a special one Classroom build.

If the person you want to give a present prefers to gamble with a console, you can also access that “Lego Harry Potter Collection” for the Nintendo Switch as a Harry Potter gift. In this double pack, the players experience the first seven years of the series – from getting to know each other through to their big adventures. In addition to the books and films, this game is a great opportunity to dive deep into the cosmos of Harry, Hermione and Co.

From “high up” to “all in one go” – the The range of puzzles with Harry Potter motifs is enormous. How about, for example, that Hogwarts school building in 3D to puzzle? Or all the main and supporting actors on one 1000-Teile-Puzzle to see united? With a puzzle as a Harry Potter gift you not only make a fan very happy, but also ensure many hours of great entertainment.

“You never stop learning” – obviously also means this book with the title “Unnecessary knowledge for Potter fans”. The promise: Even die-hard fans of the book and film series can learn completely new facts about the fantastic world of Harry Potter and his friends (and enemies). The comments of previous readers indicate that this could be true. Either way – this book is sure to be an exciting gift for fans and bookworms.

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