#2: Together in the same house for four weeks, follow our reporters on the spot in ‘Casa Qatar’: “The Calcoen is going down”

Four journalists from Het Nieuwsblad, one from De Standaard and one from Het Belang van Limburg are co-housing in Qatar. In this section, Koen Van Uytvange inquires about their state of health from the home front.

Hello, Yanko Beeckman? How’s your back?

“I have no complaints about my mattress on the floor. Others, like my parents, are more concerned about this than I am. Our house was cleaned this morning. That happens every three days. The cleaning team also asked with a concerned look why I was lying on the floor in the living room. You sleep here? To everyone: don’t worry, everything is fine. As Louis would say: I sleep here like a rose.

The question is why you sleep on the floor. Did you dice, card…?

“That’s just how it was communicated to me and I’m not the type to resist. I sleep where the coach puts me. So downstairs.”

You are actually the Leander Dendoncker of the Nieuwsblad?

“A colleague compared me to Zeno Debast. Does that mean that I still occasionally make a mistake?”

If you accept that choice so easily, literally, then yes. At least a good coach rotates.

“That was once half promised, but I no longer hear that we are going to change rooms. I also don’t feel like moving my belongings to another room anymore. I’m glad I have a private bathroom. I’m less happy about the fact that I’ve already caught Pieter-Jan Calcoen using my toilet. I let him piss downstairs if he puts up the glasses, but he does the rest upstairs. I have already spoken to him about it, albeit not in the style of Bart Lagae.”

What is the style of our Standard colleague?

“This morning I heard him shout: the Calcoen is going down. Bart turned out to be talking about turkey bacon with the eggs he was frying. Real pork bacon turns out to be even harder to find here than beer.”

Did Bart do the dishes? Breaking an egg is washing a pan?

“Well, we take turns doing the dishes. But the cleaning crew also did the dishes today. So now Ludo Vandewalle is already claiming that it was his turn today. And he’s not alone. There will still be dishes to do by tonight. We can still take care of that, right.” (grin)

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