2 Marvel Actors Join Apple TV’s MonsterVerse


Two actors who participated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have a significant bond will join the Apple TV MonsterVerse series.

godzilla and kong
© IMDbgodzilla and kong

Which actors are we talking about? of the pair Father son composed of Kurt and Wyatt Russell which as reported Collider they will be part of the TV series that they are preparing Legendary and Apple TV to expand the mythology of MonsterVerse and give even more background to the history of Godzilla, Kong and the rest of the titans that stormed the big screen in recent years.

Is it possible that this duo personifies father and son in fiction? It is a chance that should not be ruled out, but it is currently only part of our speculation. Kurt Russell brought Ego The Living Planet to life in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with a great cast under the direction of James Gunn. The performer’s filmography includes great titles such as The Thing, Escape from New YorkY Big Trouble in Little China. She recently had a recurring role on Fast and furious.

For his part, Kurt’s son, Wyatt, did the same in the series of Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Falcon and The Winter Soldierwhere he personified John Walker / US Agent who could join the cast of a brand project led by Kevin Feige, Thunderboltsthe film that brings together a group of villains to do good in the best Task Force X style of DC Comics. The actor’s other credits include overlord Y Under the Banner of Heaven from Hulu.

An interesting duo!

Graphic novel writer Matt Fraction created the yet-to-be-titled series along with veteran of Star Trek EnterpriseChris Black. the show of AppleTV will be directed by another talent who recently lent his skills to the show Marvel WandaVision: the director Matt Shakman who signed on to take charge of two episodes of this show that will expand a universe that reached its maximum success in the clash of Godzilla vs. kong.

Confirmed cast members include Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, and Elisa Lasowski. However, there are no firm details yet on the characters they will be playing on the show but you can bet the organization monarch that had so much to do with the events that occurred during the events of the MonsterVerse will appear again in this show.

Apple TV and Legendary They haven’t announced a premiere date for the series yet. MonsterVerse that will come to the service of the Applebut with the cast already set to work, you can expect that the filming of the TV show that expands the mythology of these creatures could start in late 2022 or sometime in 2023. We will keep an eye out for any kind of announcement in this regard.

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