1899: a Brazilian artist accuses the Netflix series of plagiarism

A Brazilian artist accuses the creators of “1899” of plagiarism. Baran bo Odar, director and screenwriter, wanted to respond to these accusations. Attention ! This article contains SPOILERS for Season 1 of “1899”!

1899: what is this new mysterious series?

Arriving on Netflix on November 17, 1899 is the new series imagined by Janjte Friese and Baran bo Odar, the duo of creators already at work on the series Dark. As for the latter, they once again put the spectators’ brains to the test with a complex plot. And an end to the season that left them with a whole bunch of questions.

Maura (Emily Beecham) – 1899 © Netflix

The series begins on an impressive liner: the Kerberos. On board, migrants from different countries who want to try their luck in New York. But their crossing of the Atlantic is upset by a distress message sent by another ship belonging to the same shipping company: the Prometheus. Disappeared at sea for 4 months, he resurfaced a few kilometers from Kerberos. But inside, all the passengers and crew are gone, except for a little boy and a man. Mysterious events then begin to unfold aboard the Kerberos.

Over the course of 8 episodes, the mystery around this liner continues to thicken. 1899 then takes a turn science fiction which is reminiscent of the themes of Matrix. The final chapter confirms this ambition by paving the way for an even crazier season 2.

Brazilian artist accuses Netflix of plagiarism

Just a few days after Season 1 went live 1899, Brazilian comic artist Mary Cagnin has accused the creators of the series of plagiarism. She published on his Twitter account explanations illustrated with images from his comic strip entitled Black Silence which would present similarities with the series.

I AM IN SHOCK. I discovered that the 1899 series is just IDENTICAL to my comic Black Silence, published in 2016

She supports her statements in particular by the presence of a pyramid as well as the triangular symbols in the eyes of the protagonists at the start of each episode:

She explains that she went to Europe in 2017 to a literary fair and distributed her comics to many publishers and influential people. She says she is ready to start steps from Netflix.

If the elements like the triangles and the pyramid can indeed be closer to the series, the plot of the comic book remains very far from that of 1899, starting with the fact that the plot of the comic is set on a spaceship. The protagonists on board are looking for new planets to colonize.

Mary Cagnin has made available free of charge his comic (in English version) so that everyone can form their own opinion.

The 1899 designer responds

The call for plagiarism of the artist has been widely relayed on social networks. It came to the ears of Baran bo Odar, co-creator and director of the series who wanted to post a message on Instagram.

As I already mentioned in a previous post: we don’t know this artist, nor her work on this comic. We would never steal from another artist, being artists ourselves. We contacted her hoping that she withdraws her accusations. The internet has become a strange place. More love and less hate please.

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