18 year old feels bad after a party and dies, her father: “She had frequent allergic attacks, the doctor gave her a tranquilizer”

She got sick after a party, called her father, and together they went to the doctor’s office for a visit: a few hours later, Chiara La Spina, 18 years old, she fainted and died. We are a Fiumefreddoin the province of Catania, and to report the story, which took place last Tuesday, is the Corriere della Sera: the Public Prosecutor of Catania has opened an investigation to ascertain what happened after that the young woman’s family denounced the doctor who, according to him, would have prescribed the girl some tranquilizers despite the fact that her father had explained that the daughter was prone to allergic attacks.

It will now be the autopsy to establish the exact cause of death and to clarify, above all, what drug Chiara took. The 18-year-old’s father claims that at the time of the visit of the medical guard of the nearby Municipality of Mascali she was having difficulty breathing; while health sources told the Corriere that “there is no access to the father and daughter medical guards”. A “no comment” came from the ASP, the Catania health authority.

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