16-year-old Alexandra disappears in Enghien: her parents received a text message in the evening in which she said that everything is fine, but “it’s very weird …”

Alexandra Maton, 16, a student at the Athénée royal d’Enghien, did not return to her home in Enghien this Wednesday noon after school. It was his mother who, worried, gave the alert and who notified the Sylle and Dendre area police. The latter used social networks to ask anyone with information to contact her.

Alexandra’s father, domiciled in Liège, had no news. But in the evening a sms was sent to both parents. A text message in which the young girl specifies that she is at a friend’s house, that she is fine and that she should not be worried. Since then, nothing …

His parents say here that they are worried about this text
: “It’s very weird …”

Police, parents investigate: situation update

Anyone who can provide information to Alexandra’s relatives can contact their dad via their messenger (Jean-Philippe Jpé Maton)

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