15 years after the death of hitmaker Karel Svoboda: His composition was released only now

AT Freedom at home in Jevany, the most successful European musical librettist Michael Kunze (79), publisher Jiří Paulů, lyricist Michael Prostějovský (74) and Karel Gott with his secretary Jan Adam (58). Vendula made a rare visit with the composer’s son Petr. Released Rasputin Svoboda then decided to play samples from the musical Rasputin, which he worked on with Kunz and which was to take place at the Tsar’s court in St. Petersburg between 1916 and 1918. It was a large European musical production to be directed by the famous Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski ( 89), who made films like Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown and The Pianist famous. What more could Svoboda wish for! So he seated all the guests in his famous Javanese recording studio and played them everything he had finished from Rasputin.

Actor Saša Rašilov: He won the role of Karel Svoboda (†68) in the miniseries Iveta! What did he do for it?

Gott: That’s the bomb!

And he didn’t let anyone out of the studio before it was all over. But it was something to listen to! When Gott heard the composition Siberia, he shouted over and over: “That’s the bomb!” And Kunze enthusiastically chimed in: “Karl, Polanski and Rasputin will make it to Broadway!” In the spring of 2007, Svoboda had a meeting with Polanski and the signing of the contract. Unfortunately, he shot himself a month and a half before… “Karel was a friend. To realize the Rasputin project with another composer would feel like a betrayal. The project died together with Karl,” Kunze declared at the time.

It was sung by 4 Tenors

After a long negotiation, Svobodova family, the song Siberia, which was supposed to be heard in Rasputin, has come to life after all. It was sung by 4 tenors (Pavel Vítek, Marian Vojtko, Jan Kříž, Michal Bragagnolo) under the title Pride precedes a fall.

The death of music king Karel Svoboda. Some tried to sell photos from the crime scene!

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