13 CLASSIC horror movies to watch this Friday the 13th

Few days of the year cause as much commotion as the Friday 13.

The mystic date has an ancient history and the narratives that surround it are surrounded by mysticism, magic and supernatural events. Although there is no clear origin that explains why this day is so feared by people (more specifically, by those who are part of a Judeo-Christian community), it is known that it is characterized as a moment of caution that foreshadows the chance and fear – and which involves a gigantic iconographic symbology, from black cats to stairs.

With that in mind, the CinePOP made a list with 13 classic horror movies that you can check out this Friday, including the iconic franchises ‘Friday 13’ and ‘The nightmare time’and the beloved psychological thriller ‘The illuminated’.

See our choices below and tell us what your favorite title is:

The history of ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’a legendary film directed by Robert Wieneis centered around an insane hypnotist (Werner Krauss) who uses a sleepwalker (Conrad Veidt) to commit murder. However, this criminal specter is actually told through the eyes of a man named Francis (Friedrich Feher) and which is the central presence of a gigantic twist that deconstructs what we thought we knew about the film – and even serves as an anthropological and psychic analysis of the human condition. After all, as the plot approaches the end, we see that Francis is just a deluded lunatic who invents countless fictions, being trapped in an asylum and believing that the director of the institution is the titular character.

Directed by Murnau and inspired by the Gothic novel ‘Dracula’in Bram Stoker, ‘Nosferatu’ inspired countless filmmakers, including Alfred Hitchcock and Guillermo del Toro. The story revolves around a realtor named Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) who needs to sell a castle owned by the eccentric Count Graf Orlock (Max Schreck). The count, in fact, is an ancient vampire who spreads terror in the Bremen region of Germany and is interested in Ellen, Hutter’s wife.

Directed by William Friedkin and starring Linda Blair, the first feature follows a twelve-year-old girl who is behaving completely frighteningly. So, her mother asks a priest, who is also a psychiatrist, for help, and he comes to the conclusion that the girl is possessed by the devil. He then requests the help of a second priest, an expert in exorcism, to try to free the girl from this terrible possession.


John Carpenter is a filmmaker and musician remembered to this day for creating a horror franchise entitled ‘Halloween’. immortalizing Jamie Lee Curtis as one of scream queens original and causing nightmares with the disturbed Michael Myers and his psychotic desire to simply kill everyone he comes across, the saga is made up of several chapters that have lost their thread over the years. Fortunately, after a horrible remake in Rob ZombieCarpenter returned as producer on the 2018 remake (the back-to-back sequel to the 1978 film).


Sigourney Weaver played a major role in ‘Alien – The Eighth Passenger’ such as bad ass Ellen Ripley, a spacecraft officer Nostromo who face a deadly extraterrestrial force that hunts one by one. The character returned for three more films before making room for Noomi Rapace and Katherine Waterston in two derivations that tried to revive the gruesome stories (and explain the origin of the hideous creature).

the iconic ‘The illuminated’ could not be left out of our list and, to this day, the feature film is considered one of the best psychological thrillers of all time. In the plot, a man (Jack Nicholson) is hired as a lookout at a hotel in Colorado and goes there with his wife (Shelley Duvall) and your son (Danny Lloyd). However, the continued isolation begins to cause him serious mental problems and he becomes increasingly aggressive and dangerous, at the same time that his son begins to have visions of events in the past, which were also caused by excessive isolation.

The saga ‘Friday 13’ is one of the longest running in movie history and introduced the ghastly and terrifying Jason Voorhees – a demonic serial killer who uses a large hunting machete to collect his victims. As a child, Jason drowned in the lake at Camp Crystal Lake due to the negligence of the monitor team. As we see in the first movie, Jason’s mother brings him back to life to exact revenge against the reckless teenagers who continue to visit the Camp, falling victim to the immortal antagonist. The franchise has ten original chapters, one cross-over with ‘The nightmare time’ it is a rebootin addition to having collected almost US$530 million.

Created by the genius mind of Wes Craven, ‘The nightmare time’ still haunts those who first saw Freddy Krueger on the big screen. The story, which spans seven films, one cross-over with ‘Friday 13’ it is a reboot, revolves around a serial killer unlike any that have ever existed, as he only attacks when his victims are asleep and in their dreams – making him nearly impossible to defeat. Freddy was actually a janitor at a school who was burned alive after being accused of killing several children and, in revenge, went after his tormentors’ children to terrorize them in the scariest ways possible.

Antarctica, winter 1982. In the remote Station 4 of the National Institute of Sciences of the United States are 12 men (scientists and workers), who watch with amazement as a Norwegian tries in every way to kill a dog, so much so that he invades the station and shoots until in the Americans, but it is dead. The helicopter, which brought the intruder, explodes, killing the other crew members and the reason for this remains unexplained. After that, the dog stays at the base and the Americans start to want to know what really happened. Helicopter pilot JR MacReady offers to travel to the Norwegian base and try to find some explanation. Arriving there, they discover that the place has been destroyed and discover a mutilated body, which looks like a person. They take him to the American base to be studied and only then do clues emerge, as the dog turns into a terrible creature that attacks the researchers. Gradually, they conclude that they are facing an alien, which can transform itself into an exact copy of its victims. This means team members can be killed and the copy takes their place.


The acclaimed and classic horror thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, follows FBI agent Clarice Starling, who has a mission to find a killer who rips the skin off his victims. To understand how he thinks, she seeks out the dangerous psychopath, Hannibal Lecter, incarcerated on charges of cannibalism. More than thirty years after its debut, the feature film is considered by many experts as one of the best and most important films in the history of cinema.


Also created by Craven, ‘Panic’ lives on in the memory of fans of slasher and promoted a huge and considerable revolution in the genre. Released in 1996, the saga centers on Sidney Prescott in the first four films, a young woman who is hunted by a masked killer known as Ghostface. Of course, over the years, the franchise has stumbled here and there, but it has always delivered an interesting narrative, filled with blood and cinematic references. With the debut of the fifth chapter, which introduced a new generation of victims, ‘Panic’ recovered its originality and is already on the way to another feature film.

Although it has not aged as well as one would expect, ‘The Blair Witch’ is a very important film for cinematographic history and, without it, several well-known productions would not even see the light of day – such as ‘Paranormal activity’, ‘Unfriended’ and ‘Seeking out…’. The story follows a group of amateur filmmakers who intend to shoot a documentary about the titular character, a mythological creature that hides in the forest. However, the Blair Witch is not just a legend, and as soon as they enter the dense woods, they are hunted by a demonic force that doesn’t want them there.

‘Deadly Games’ started as a short film directed by the master of horror James Wan – and its revolutionary narrative that started the gore-porn turned into a feature released in 2004. It is true to say that, as the films went by, the main message of the film was lost to scenes of pure gore and torture, but the fans remained firm until the final chapter (which later gained a sequence-reboot it is a spin off with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson).

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