11 unusual jobs you can do for the British royal family

Have you ever wondered what it was like working for the British Royal Family? Surrounded by the splendor and grandeur of palaces and castles, one would hope that working for the country’s ruling family comes with its fair share of benefits. Not only will your workplace be steeped in history, but anyone working in palaces will certainly expect to receive a good salary.

Whether you are applying to become a private secretary, squire, cleaner or chef, there is probably a role for everyone, with all the skills required. According to the Royal Family’s website, each position goes through a lengthy application process and rigorous security checks. Here are ten jobs you can do for the British royal family.

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The royal family employs more than 1,000 people in its many fields

Members of the royal family Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Given the enormous responsibilities that must be taken on in managing the day-to-day life of the British monarchy, this figure makes sense. While some missions are pretty standard, there are a few that you might not be aware of.

The profession of furniture restorer is ideal for interior designers

The Waterloo room of the Windsor Palace Steve Parsons/Getty Images

With a plethora of rooms in every palace adorned with unique furnishings, it’s no wonder the Royal Family needed someone to maintain the aesthetics of their real estate.

Becoming a Furniture Curator is a job for someone passionate about restoring historic pieces and identifying trendy decor. A job posting published in 2019 described someone to fill this role at Windsor Castle. At the time, the salary was 25,500 pounds sterling, or about 30,000 euros, per year.

The role of the Queen’s music master was first established in 1625

The Royal Regiment Marching Band IKLAS HALLE’N/Getty Images

The post of Queen’s Music Master is awarded to one person for a period of 10 years and is currently held by eminent musician Judith Weir. Judith Weir, the first woman to hold the post, was appointed in 2014, according to the Guardian.

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Although there are no defined responsibilities for this role, the Queen’s Music Master may compose music for royal or state occasions. According to the Guardian report, the salary for this position is 15,000 pounds (17,530 euros) per year.

The keeper of the private stock exchange manages the budget of the royal family

He takes care of managing the royal fortune Chris Jackson/Getty Images

With the royal family’s fortune estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of euros, having a qualified staff member responsible for managing the family’s finances is essential. This very important role is currently entrusted to Sir Michael Stevens, the guardian of the private stock exchange. He is the Queen’s Treasurer and is required to publish an annual report on the family’s financial assets. It has already been reported that this post was remunerated at 180,000 pounds per year (around 210,000 euros today).

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The Astronomer Royal is one of the oldest posts

The famous Edmond Halley was the Astronomer Royal in 1720 Reuters

Officially existing since 1675, the astronomer royal advises the queen on her cosmos and on all astronomical questions. The person currently appointed to this post is Martin Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow. Do you know the famous Halley’s comet? This name comes from Edmond Halley, Astronomer Royal in 1720. The Astronomer Royal receives an annual allowance of 100 pounds sterling (116 euros).

No royal table can be set without the approval of the royal custodian of tablecloths

The Buckingham Palace ball room Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

If you love linens, this is the job for you. According to a 2017 announcement, the manager is responsible for “ensuring that the linen matches the magnificence of the banquet table”, ensuring that “all linen needs are met to the highest standards” and to preserve laundry for “future generations.” At the time, the salary was 17,778 pounds (20,700 euros) per year, meals and accommodation were provided.

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All stamp enthusiasts would be honored to be the official custodian of the Queen’s stamps.

Queen Elizabeth looks at a collection of royal stamps CHRIS JACKSON/Getty Images

The Queen obtained the collection from her late father George V and has every intention of continuing the tradition. Michael Sefi was the Queen’s Stamp Keeper from 2003 to 2018, traveling the world to find unique pieces to add to his collection. No replacement has been named after his retirement.

If you have significant experience with picture frames, the role of curator is for you

A portrait of Queen Alexandra Reuters

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, so one can imagine the hundreds of frames that adorn the priceless works of art on the walls of the estate. The curator of frames makes sure that no frame remains unrestored.

According to a 2018 job posting, the palace has its own study room, so the manager will be on hand to not only assess the condition of the frames, but also recommend changes for those with wear and tear. The salary for this post was 27,280 pounds sterling, or 31,900 euros per year.

Telephone operator answers several of the 7,000 calls the palace receives each week

Buckingham receives 7,000 calls per week KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH/Getty Images

According to Forbes, thousands of enthusiastic fans and members of the press phone Buckingham Palace every week, making a total of 7,000 calls. Given the high volume of traffic, the person in charge should be qualified to operate a switchboard and knowledgeable in conflict resolution, according to the official listing for 2016. The position was paid £ 23,000. per year (26,800 euros).

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Thanks to the royal pot washer, no kitchen utensils are overlooked

Lewis Whyld – WPA Pool/Getty Images

This is probably one of the few positions where you don’t need a huge amount of experience to be considered. The diver joins an experienced catering team where he maintains the kitchen, cleans and helps with food preparation. In addition to these responsibilities, there is also the benefit of traveling alongside the Queen when she visits other royal properties. A job description from 2018 indicated a salary of 19,935 pounds sterling or 23,300 euros.

The great carver ensures that the Queen never has to cut her own meat

Royal chef William Barrie cutting meat Johnny Green – PA Images/Getty Images

Judging by the luxurious dinners hosted at Buckingham Palace, it’s understandable that the Queen couldn’t get away from her guests to carve the meat that diners will eat that day. The large chopper is there to cut the roast beef into a perfect portion.

However, this position is not accessible to everyone, as it is a hereditary role, that is, it is passed from father to son. It is currently occupied by Alexander Fielding, the Earl of Denbigh and Desmond.

Royal master watchmakers set all clocks in royal residences for daylight saving time

A team must manually change each timepiece Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/WireImage

Queen Elizabeth needs a whole team of watch experts to spend a weekend manually changing every timepiece in her royal residences so they are ready for the hour-long time change of the day. daylight saving time, Insider reported.

Twice a year, they spend 40 hours in the Queen’s residences setting the time on over 1,000 clocks. The chief watchmaker of Windsor Castle, Fjodor van den Broek, is nicknamed “the castle clockmaker”. He appeared in a video posted by the official Twitter account of the royal family, before the entry into force of the time change in the United Kingdom on October 31.

“I know every clock very well,” Fjodor van den Broek said in the video. “We have 400 clocks on the estate, of which 250 are inside the castle and the rest are spread over the estate”.

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