10 such incidents that show the brutality of the Taliban, this is the truth of the organization that reads the lesson of peace

Since the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the suffering of its fighters has continued. From comedians, musicians, policemen to many people, these people have killed so far. On the one hand the Taliban is talking about peace, while on the other hand its fighters are engaged in atrocities on the Afghans.

This time since the Taliban has occupied Afghanistan, it seems to be talking about peace. He had announced amnesty for the Afghans as soon as he captured Kabul, but the reality is quite the opposite.

The Taliban’s top leadership is trying to show that it is not a 90s organization, it is not cruel, but its fighters on the ground are doing what they used to do in the 90s. They are beating, threatening the officials involved in the former government. They are not even leaving out the country’s artists whose music and films have been listened to and watched in Afghanistan for years.

Since the return of the Taliban, many such cases have come to the fore, which is enough to tell the truth of this organization that teaches the lesson of peace.

Murder of folk singer Fawad Andrabi Taliban fighters killed Afghan folk singer Fawad Andrabi by taking him to the fields. Fighters shot him in the head. Fawad was very popular in Afghan. Afghan culture was reflected in his songs.

Nazneen murder case In Balkh province, the Taliban killed a girl only because she was wearing tight clothes and had no male companions with her. The girl’s name was Nazneen and she was 21 years old. The girl was going from her home to Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh. She was sitting in the car after leaving her house when the terrorists shot and killed her.

Comedian Nazar Mohammad murdered– Afghanistan’s famous comedian Nazar Mohammad was also assassinated by the Taliban in the past. Nazar Mohammad was also known as Khasha Jawan. Nazar was very popular in the southern part of Afghanistan. Usually they used to make comedy videos on Taliban and militia. At the time when the fighters were dragging them from their house, even at that time they were laughing after telling the joke.

Salima Mazari arrestedSalima Mazari was the first woman governor of Afghanistan. Majri comes from the Hazara community. Most of the people in the community are Shia, whom the Taliban with Sunni Muslims do not like at all. Taliban fighters regularly target this community. Mazari was arrested and imprisoned by the Taliban after the occupation of Afghanistan.

Journalist left the countryRecently, a female journalist Behesta Argand had interviewed a Taliban spokesperson. Argand was the first female journalist to interview a Talibani. But then came the news that he had left the country fearing the Taliban and took refuge abroad to save his life.

murder of female policeman– Taliban fighters killed a pregnant female policeman in front of her family. As soon as the fighters found this policeman named Nigara, dragged him out of the house and shot him in front of the husband and children.

woman judge who ran to save her life– The Taliban have released their jailed fighters as soon as they occupy Afghanistan. Now these fighters are a threat to the judges and officials who sentenced or got them punished. When one such female judge reached Europe after saving her life, she narrated the story of the Taliban’s plight. He said that four to five Taliban fighters had reached his house and were inquiring about him. These were the fighters who were once sentenced by a female judge.

Surrender or die threat– The Taliban is sending threatening letters to those who once helped America and its allies. The stamped letters of the Taliban are being openly pasted on the houses concerned. Through which they are being threatened to appear or die.

Pop star ran to save life Aryana Saeed is a well known pop star of Afghan. They have a lot of fans there, but as soon as the Taliban reached Kabul, they tried to escape. The Taliban had reached their house to find this pop star. Failing the first time, the second time she somehow managed to get out of Afghanistan.

Narendra Singh Khalsa, MPIndian-origin Afghan MP Narendra Singh Khalsa also left Afghanistan in some way and reached India. Being an Afghan citizen, the Taliban was not allowing him to accompany the group of Sikhs that Indian Army ships were trying to evacuate.

These are just some of the cases which have come to the notice of the people. The rest of the Talibani brutality is not known. How many artists, social workers, politicians have fled the country because of Taliban. Not only this, as soon as the general public is feeling the opportunity, they too have left Afghanistan or are trying to escape.

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