10 Stars Who Had Their Careers Damaged By Big FAILURES

I would already say cazuza what “today’s fans are tomorrow’s lynchers”, and he was never wrong, adoration and hate are feelings that walk a fine line, where all it takes is one slip for everything to change. Especially with the advent called ‘cancellation’, where just one speech is enough and everything that has been built up to that moment no longer means anything. There are obvious and criminal situations that this does not discuss, but there are other moralists that are capable of arousing anger even in Tibetan monks.

In cinema, the thing is just as extreme, as some stars changed their lives or were placed in antagonistic categories just for a job or even wrong decisions. Studios are companies that obviously aim for profit, and if an element doesn’t add more financially, it is summarily discarded. And if by chance this gets in the way of something, it is placed in a kind of blacklist so we don’t even go near any studio production again.

Hollywood has emblematic examples of this, especially when it comes to women, who have always needed to fit into the aesthetic standards of the industry. There are horrendous cases of actresses who lived at their peak and just for a choice of role went to the bottom of the well in a matter of months, judged by an anachronistic and artistically poor conservatism. As well as some actors got involved in productions that gave damage and were marked as if they were the main responsible for the whole thing.

Here we separate some examples of actors and actresses, of different ages and social backgrounds, in different years and contexts, who were at their peak and, suddenly, due to, say, wrong choices, are still bitter to this day what they call ostracism. Many young people who started their careers and then disappeared were not even mentioned here, this is for another list, this one will focus on well-known names, artists who were once the highest paid in show business and, shortly after, started to play any role in intention to pay your bills. Don’t forget to mention in the comments other names that are not on the list.

10 – Nicolas Cage

Until The Lord of the guns, Nicolas Cage he was still a highly regarded and respected actor, after all he had worked with the great filmmakers of the industry and even won an Oscar for Best Actor. Then came the very weak The twin towers and the unbelievable remake of the straw man, The sacrifice. “BEEEELLS!”, yes, that was the worst moment of the career of the Copolla nephew. Since then, even making another good movie, Cage has collected dozens of horrible B movies that have elevated him to the level of bizarre legend. He remains a great actor, and is seeing his career on the rise with the successes of PIG and The Weight of Talent.

09 – Alicia Silverstone

After the giants’ success in The Patricinhas of Beverly Hills and for becoming the main teenage muse of the 90s, much for her sensual appearances in the Aerosmith videos, it seemed that Alicia Silverstone would have the same fate as the beautiful and charismatic actresses that emerged in that decade, vide Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. However, after failing to repeat the same feat in A Nanny Object of Desire and Batman & Robin, Alicia founded a production company and decided to direct the romantic comedy that would take her name back to the top of Hollywood. In Excess baggage, she plays a spoiled rich girl once again. In the plot, the young woman fakes a kidnapping of herself to get the attention of the people around her. A total disaster, absolutely escapist and without purpose.

08 – Lindsay Lohan

Everybody Loves Cupid operationa classic of the Sessão da Tarde and that was the kick-off of the career of Lindsay Lohan. After that, she emerged by participating in several iconic comedies like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Herbie – My Turbocharged Beetle. In 2007, unfortunately, Lindsay starred in what would be the biggest failure of her career, I Know Who Killed Me, with bad acting and gratuitous nude scenes that did not please their fans at all. The film even broke a record at the time, as the production that won the most in the Golden Raspberry categories.

07 – Sharon Stone

Here’s another case of a star who won an Oscar and then saw his career plummet. Besides sex symbol, Sharon Stone she was an actress in high demand to star in anything from action movies to romances and heavy dramas. However, she amended several consecutive bombs and hit rock bottom with the embarrassing wild instinct 2. He even made some productions home video, but failed to make any major films after that. At one point she went through a depressive phase and was out of the spotlight for years. Returning only later in an HBO series. Let’s cheer for you.

06 – Sean Connery

Sean Connery is an actor who needs no introduction, in addition to being the definitive James Bond, he shone in movie classics such as in the name of roseand in wonderful thrillers like The Hunt for Red October. But he was less and less decreasing the amount of films he made, until he acted in two ridiculous things called The Avengers and The Extraordinary League. Connery was succinct and said he was retiring from there, he didn’t want to tarnish his career to get a few bucks. He enjoyed the rest of his old age in the tranquility of home and treated his illness as far as he could when he passed away in 2020.

05 – Demi Moore

After the mega success of ghostThe Other Side of Life, Demi Moore evaluated that joining the cast of Striptease it would be the ideal decision to further leverage his career and achieve Hollywood star status. However, the film, which tells the story of a single mother who has to fight to regain custody of her daughter, in addition to chasing a job to support her family, did not please the public. To make matters worse, some rumors point out that she accepted a value well below what would be considered ideal to appear topless in the movie scenes. After that, Hollywood turned its back on Moore, who to this day has not returned to being even the shadow of what he used to be.

04 – Meg Ryan

The sex scenes didn’t kill Meg Ryan’s career. Meg Ryan’s Career Was Killed For Being A Woman In Hollywood”, that phrase sort of defines the saddest story on this list. For those who didn’t live the 90’s, Meg Ryan there she was considered the biggest star in Hollywood, with the highest salaries and in the productions most loved by the American public. She collecting several romantic comedies such as Harry and Sally, Message for you, Tune of Love, City of Angels and Kate & LeopoldMeg also wanted to shine artistically and do more serious things, that’s when she decided to film with Jane Campion (Attack of the Dogs) the controversial In Living Flesh. Where, for the first time, she performed sex scenes with frontal nudity, destroying in the American minds her image of a pure girl and girlfriend. It was the end of the actress’ career. After the crash, Meg Ryan got a deep depression, had several plastic surgeries and still couldn’t get anything more. The sad reality of Hollywood.

03 – Kevin Costner

WATERWORLD, Kevin Costner, 1995. (c) Universal Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection.

Kevin Costner starred in dozens of films throughout his career, including the young classics Dance with wolves and untouchables. He also played the character Roy McAvoy in the feature. The Passion Gamein addition to the masterpiece The Field of Dreams. Before the film The Messenger, it must be said that Waterworld – The Secret of the Waters had already axed the actor’s career. Costner plays a rough-and-tumble bum, who discovers a bag of mail from 15 years ago and intends to hand it over in exchange for food. He unintentionally restarts the American government, which leads to a kind of war. The thing is so bad, but so bad that nothing was enough to save Costner from ostracism, being relegated to another action movie and the small part in the Man of Steel.

02 – Halle Berry

X-Men, The Swordfish Password, The last supper, 007 Die Another Day and X-Men 2these were the successes followed by Halle Berrythe black actress who most shone in Hollywood in the 2000s. However, Berry went to do Cat Woman and your world has fallen. Even the third part of was a disaster. They call it the Oscar curse, but the truth is that no one really gave the actress a real chance to show her talent again. Only in one thriller or another, of which she proved to be very competent. Why do they do this to women in Hollywood?

01 – John Travolta

It is a certainty that the bizarre the reconquest served for John Travolta spread their faith in Scientology, the American religion of the famous. In addition to not pleasing the public, the film constantly drew a parallel with the history of its religion. Aside from being boring and poorly made, Travolta’s science fiction didn’t make any sense. Not even flawless classics like On Saturday Night Fever, Grease – In the Times of Brilliant and the genius Pulp Fiction – Time of Violence were enough to make fans forget the insult that was A Reconquista. So much so that after that Travolta never starred in another big movie in the same vein as she was. This one deserved it! xD

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