10 perfect couples: Did Nicolo and Virginie orchestrate their reunion on the set? An info falls

10 perfect couples 5

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Credit: Instagram aqababe

A big news has just fallen concerning the participation of Virginie and Nicolo in 10 perfect couples 5. We tell you everything here.

It has been several days since season 5 of 10 perfect couples is streaming on TFX. And the least we can say is that this new adventure keeps all its promises to viewers! There are already reconciliations, strategies, laughter, but also a lot of clashes… We can, for example, cite the one between Nicolo and Virginie! Since the start of the adventure, the handsome Italian has been getting closer to Marie. But Virginie’s arrival still disturbs Nicolo… Even if he says he doesn’t give a damn about his ex-girlfriend, he is still present to tackle her and get confused with her. And obviously, all of this would have been planned in advance!

The cast of 10 perfect couples 5 – Credit(s): Instagram @10couples_tfx, TFX

And as you could see just above, Internet users suspected something between Virginie and Nicolo… They then asked the blogger Aqababe if he had any information. And on his Instagram story, the reveals that Virginie and Nicolo had planned to meet on the set of 10 perfect couples 5 ! When the pretty blonde pretends to be surprised to see Nicolo, it would be totally fake. Just like when the young man pretends to be annoyed to see his ex in the villa…

Virginie and Nicolo as a couple again

And according to many rumors circulating on the web, Virginie and Nicolo got back together during the filming of 10 perfect couples 5. Even if obviously, their adventure will not have been easy. And if you like the couple, know that you should surely see them again in another show… It is said that Virginie and Nicolo could participate in season 4 of The battle of couples or even to Apprentice Adventurers 5. The filming of the survival show made in W9 should begin in March. And as for the previous 4 seasons, it should still take place in Thailand.

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