10 perfect couples 5: The rapprochement of Jordan and Anissa cut in the editing, the young woman balances

10 perfect couples 5

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Credit: Instagram: anissa.eply

A rapprochement between Jordan and Anissa would have been cut during the editing. The young woman insisted on dotting the i’s!

Recently, we told you if Manon and Jordan were still together since the end of the fifth season of 10 perfect couples. But did you know that the latter had a rapprochement with Anissa, the young woman who became known last year in The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 ? In any case, this is what the latter wanted to explain in story this Wednesday, January 12, 2022. At the end of the last episode of the show, many subscribers would have sent him messages on Instagram to tell him that they found his reaction disproportionate. Indeed, the Ch’ti would have swung that he was attracted to Manon Van while he was very close to Anissa, which did not please him at all …

In Instagram story, the one who had come for Dylan in The Villa of Broken Hearts 6 tells an anecdote that was cut during the editing of the program presented by Elsa Fayer. During the oriental evening, there was a round table where each of the candidates had to say who was his favorite of the adventure. Jordan wouldn’t have hesitated to tell everyone that it was Anissa. No wonder if we believe the words of the candidate.“We even kissed each other on the cheek, we spent the evening together dancing, laughing and all, suddenly we don’t understand my reactions the next day” said the young woman who learned on the job that the one she was very close to was in fact interested in the makeup artist from Marseille.

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A pill that is difficult to swallow?

Well obviously, no! If Anissa expressed her incomprehension on the networks, know that she would have gone completely to something else. “I took it very, very badly, I lived it very badly” she balanced before adding “As I said, I had the seum a lot at that time. Now, as I said it is in the past, I am expressing myself on that only so that you can understand (…). Indeed there is things that are not edited, so as viewers you may not necessarily understand “. Fortunately, some candidates return to the images to restore the truth. Otherwise, a lot of things would escape us!

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