10 perfect couples 5: Romane and Chainez in the cold on the set? They answer

By Betty Ramez

– Published on 24 Feb 2022 at 16:02

While the broadcast of 10 perfect couples continues on TFX, Romane and Chainez were they cold on the set? They answered during a frequently asked questions on February 22.

For several weeks, the candidates from season 5 of 10 perfect couples are entirely focused on their respective crushes. It is therefore not the best strategy to discover their match. It must be said that the majority of singles of the villa have found love since the beginning of the adventure. And even if their association does not always seem obviousthey have a hard time considering that someone other than their half can be their match. But they had to face the facts as the beams are rare in ceremony. However, these are also the clashes which punctuate the life of the candidates.

Since the launch of program, Anissa does not get along particularly well with the other girls in the house and especially with Romane. And it didn’t get better when she started flirting with Ahmad in the back of Lilac, her best adventure friend. However, she became close to chain that happened during the show. But then, does that mean that Roman and chain were cold during filming? Because in the episodes, we see them interacting very little. Apart from a little argument aboutAnthony Mateo, they don’t really speak to each other. But then, what is it exactly?

Romane and Chainez at war on the set of 10 perfect couples?

It was during a fair Questions that the pretty brunette has made things clear about her relationship with Roman. And the least we can say is that his answer is surprising: “I didn’t get along with Romane on the set, but today is serious. The medium witch and Jafar are getting along really well today. Fortunately, no one hears our voices. » For his part, the girlfriend ofAnthony Mateo shared this story adding a laughing emoji and another that sends a kiss. This proves that everything worked out between her after the adventure.

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