10 perfect couples 5: Nicolo stressed on the set, he confides and reveals the reason

10 perfect couples 5

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Crédits: Instagram: nicolo_federico_ferrari

Find out why Nicolo got stressed out on the set of 10 Perfect Couples 5.

On January 03, 2022, the show 10 perfect couples made its comeback for a season five on TFX! In the casting of this new edition, we discover anonymous candidates like Romane, Yoann, Anissa, Tom and many others. But there are also faces already known to the general public. This is the case of Anthony Matéo, Sarah Lopez, Ahmed, Manon Van, Jordan, Virginie who took part in this adventure with the aim of trying to uncover the identity of their perfect match. Among the participants of this program there is also Nicolo, revealed in 2019 in Angels 11. Very often, this young man confides in his subscribers on social networks.

Nicolo – Credit (s): Instagram @nicolo_federico_ferrari

Lately, he reiterated the experience by revealing that he was stressed for a particular reason on the set of 10 perfect couples. Indeed, in the caption of an Instagram post, the reality TV candidate said: “(…) This week we are going to start the challenge dates, I was stressed out at the start because I wanted to win them at all costs to have more information to find the perfect matches. (…)”. Very competitive, Nicolo seems ready to do anything to try to win the game and thus discover which young woman suits him the most according to scientific research. Sometimes even to create many anxieties!

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Virginie the perfect match for Nicolo?

At the time of writing, no perfect match has been found by the candidates of 10 perfect couples 5. At the editorial office, we have been carrying out our little investigation since the beginning of the broadcast of the TFX program and as far as Nicolo is concerned, we have a few ideas. We hesitate between Marie, a young woman with whom the current goes rather very well or his former girlfriend Virginie. If they broke up because they were not arguing a lot, we still find that they have a bond that no one has. And for this reason, the two candidates of The battle of couples 3 might just be perfect matches. To be continued !

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