10 perfect couples 5: Giovanni, a manipulator on an adventure? Romane balance

10 perfect couples 5

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Credit: Instagram @ romane.lmr_off

Giovanni too manipulative in the show 10 perfect couples 5? Romane, who got closer to him, swung in his Instagram story.

The adventure 10 perfect couples 5 was stressful for some candidates. It must be said that their objective throughout the game was to find the perfect matches in order to be able to leave with the check for 200,000 euros. But to avoid leaving before the end of the adventure, some clever people tried to cover their tracks. This is particularly the case with Giovanni! In the episodes currently airing on the TFX channel, viewers could see that he hooked up well with Romane. But against all odds, it was Dorsaf that he approached. A turnaround that Romane explained in his Instagram story on January 11, 2022.

According to the pretty blonde, her comrade would be a manipulator. In her video, she said: “To say that I am barjo and that there is no feeling darling, we are both talking all the time and we are all the time telling each other that we have things in common ( …) In fact, Giovanni told me: ‘What we’re going to do is I’m going to act like we don’t match, that you’re too crazy, that you’re too jealous, that don’t get along, we’re not a match, so we’re not going to Love Machine. ‘But in fact, Giovanni and I were almost sure to be a match because we are the same on a lot of points so it was a big possibility. And he said to me: ‘We are not going to leave now. They will send us to the Love Machine’ “.

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Romane on Giovanni’s strategy: “It was his tactic to stay in the adventure and continue to the end”

That’s not all, because she also balked: “We were getting closer in quotes and suddenly his tactic was to tell everyone, to the people of the villa, that I was too crazy for him, that I was too jealous, that it was not possible (…) In short, I’ll let you discover the rest of the adventure, but in any case Giovanni, a big manipulator! (…) It was his tactic to stay in the adventure and continue to the end. don’t know why, no character, I didn’t say anything “. So, will this strategy work? Giovanni and Romane will they be unmasked? All the answers will be discovered later in 10 perfect couples 5.

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