10 names we’d like to see on Big Brother Famous

Big Brother Famosos is back on TVI in 2022 for an edition that is expected to be surprising and with “faces known to the general public“. For this new edition, TVI has already announced that it will not count former competitors of other reality shows and even promises competitors “that will surprise“.

Motivated by this expectation of figuring out who the next Big Brother Famous competitors might be, and after we launched the survey to know your bets, we also decided to reveal some names – 10 seems to be an adequate number – that we would like to see enter the next reality show.

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After having been president of Sporting Clube de Portugal between 2013 and 2018, in a path marked by several controversies and scandals, the invasion of Alcochete Academy being one of the best known, Bruno de Carvalho “changed his life” and became a DJ, being that some of your videos have already gone viral on social media. However, the ex-director has not gotten rid of the controversies and has even been involved in conflicts with some DJ’s.

With the arrival of Big Brother Famous and a “new life” after leaving Sporting, the opportunity to enter a reality show for the first time it would be the ideal stage for Bruno de Carvalho to return to the spotlight with his characteristic humor and, of course, many barbs and “barracos” in the mix.


Leandro is one of the best-known singers in our square, but he also doesn’t speak out and he certainly doesn’t beat around the bush in sharing his opinion, being a frontal competitor and leaving nothing unsaid. All fundamental ingredients that characterize a competitor of reality show and that, in this case, they can be a good addition to Big Brother Famosos in its eventual first participation in a format of this kind.


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After getting married for the sixth time, Cláudia Jacques is a well-resolved woman and has entered reality shows it is not completely unknown to the businesswoman, as in 2014 she was part of ‘O Poder do Amor’ on SIC. After having joined a program where love was the main theme, a new program where the focus will certainly be different could be a good bet to consider for this Big Brother Famous.


Matilde Breyner is an actress for TVI and can currently be seen in the soap opera ‘Para Semper’, with the recordings already finished. In addition, he has shared several TikTok’s with hilarious reproductions about Big Brother and that have gone viral on social media. In this sense, it remains for us to launch the challenge: why not live the experience of reality show inside?


In the past, Olívia Ortiz presented the Fora de Horas of the ‘Biggest Deal’ and the post-gala of Casa dos Segredos 7 and Casa dos Segredos – O Reencontro. Since about that time, she has been away from television, so the participation in her first reality show it could be an opportunity to come back and, with that, bring your influence in digital to a program that necessarily needs social media and the buzz that can come from there.


Luís Borges was a commentator on Big Brother – Duplo Impacto and, before that, he was already using Twitter to comment on this and other editions. Controversial figure with incisive opinion, the participation of the model in its first reality show it would also bring to the table the cause of the LGBTQIA+ community that so badly needs to be debated and reflected in this type of format.


Comedian by profession, it would be interesting to see Ana Arrebentinha enter her first reality show in Big Brother Famous in 2022. It would certainly bring excitement to the house, in addition to having already been a commentator analyzing the competitors in Big Brother 2020 and in Big Brother – Duplo Impact.


Zé Lopes is one of the commentators on this edition of Big Brother and his assertive and always polite opinions have been praised by followers of reality show, who even consider it a good surprise. In his first performance as a commentator, and given that many commentators have already had the experience of joining a reality, why not see Zé Lopes – an assumed fan of this type of format – be one of the Big Brother Famous competitors?


Competitor in two editions (Big Brother 3 and A Quinta) and commentator on many others (Big Brother 2020 and Big Brother – Double Impact), Big Brother Famous may be a new opportunity for Liliana Aguiar to return to a format that she knows so well about 20 years after having entered its first edition.


Well-known Portuguese singer, he has never participated in any reality show and even has connections with former competitors such as Léo Caeiro or Sandrina Pratas. His sister Romana, with whom he has been the protagonist in family disagreements, has already entered ‘A Quinta’, so Big Brother Famosos could be a good opportunity for the singer to debut in his first. reality show.

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