10 inches of rain in Bilaspur district within 24 hours still likely today

Bilaspur. Bilaspur Weather Update: The weather has been kind in the district this week. It is raining intermittently. 10.2 inches of rain has been recorded within 24 hours. There is a chance of rain today as well. Kota block has received maximum rainfall while Masturi has received minimum rainfall. Actually, this situation has been created due to the formation of a low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal. The weather is expected to remain like this till September 15.

According to Dr.HP Chandra, Meteorologist at Lalpur Meteorological Observatory, a low pressure area is located over east-central Bay of Bengal and adjoining north-east Bay of Bengal, with a cyclonic circulation of upper air up to a height of 7.6 km. is extended. The Monsoon trough extends up to 1.5 km height up to Jaisalmer, East Rajasthan, Nagaon, Pendra Road, Sambalpur, Puri and then east-central Bay of Bengal.

A trough extends 1.5 km to 7.6 km altitude from the north-east Arabian Sea to the center of low pressure in the east-central Bay of Bengal across Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha. Light to moderate rain or thundershowers are very likely to occur at most places on September 12. There is a possibility of heavy rain at one or two places in the state along with thunderstorms.

Not much change is likely with slight drop in maximum temperature. The area of ​​heavy rainfall is likely to remain mainly over South Chhattisgarh along with Central Chhattisgarh. At present the maximum temperature in Bilaspur is around 32 degree Celsius. It has been raining since this morning.

Rainfall in 24 hours (mm)

location rain

Bilaspur 35.2

Bilha 34.6

Masturi 4.5

Takhatpur 84.6

Quota 96.8

Total 255.7

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