1 Hour with … Carla & Kevin: "The Marseillais have turned their backs on us"

Audience: What made you want to start your own program?

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Carla : With all the stories there have been, we thought it was a good time to come up with something else. We really asked ourselves the question. The production of the Marseillais wanted us to come back in a new season, obviously that would have made a lot of stories but what happened affected us a lot and we understood that it was time to embark on a new chapter of our life. We didn’t want to stop watching TV though, that’s our job.

Kevin : And then that would have made them too happy. Because basically, by attacking us like that, that’s what they wanted, that we stop everything, that we disappear. Some went so far as to say that they would quit the show if we came back …

Ooh there, the resentment is tenacious!

Kevin : Not at all, it’s just that I can’t pretend. I do not know how to do. To find myself locked up with these people, I would have been afraid of not containing myself. It went too far, I preferred to stop.

Carla : We did not understand this surge of hatred. May those who were concerned be angry with us, I understand, but there were plenty of other people who were not in the business of it and who got involved anyway. All this to be part of the story and get some social media coverage. They were unleashed on us while we were on the ground, to create a buzz. That’s what interests them.

You seem extremely disappointed with Les Marseillais…

Carla : Yes, we thought we had friends on this show, but when there were real difficulties, everyone turned their backs on us.

Kevin : We didn’t kill anyone, we didn’t rape anyone! If we had committed this kind of crime, I would have understood that they take their phone to be indignant but there … They pushed to the harassment of Carla on social networks. This story could have stayed between us. We would have sat around a table, we could have discussed it together, settled things without it going that far. They have all done worse in their lives. I’m not the type to seek revenge but frankly … I think when they look at each other in a mirror today, it’s complicated.

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“With each new season, we have to go through the injection box”

They were convinced that it was you who had caused the health problems of their children with bad spells …

Kevin : When I heard that, I didn’t believe it. It seemed completely ridiculous to me. Afterwards, everyone is free to believe what they want. One thing is certain, if it had happened to me, I would never have made a snap of it. The positive aspect is that it allowed us to sort things out, to find each other. This ordeal has united us. Our couple is stronger than ever.

Your relations with Les Marseillais had started to deteriorate long before this story?

Carla : Yes, each time, I found myself at the heart of many stories, with Manon, Jessica and others …

Kevin : In fact, they’ve been waiting for something crisp for a long time. With the story of witchcraft, they had something. Not all, of course, some let themselves be taken in by others, but the damage is done.

“The witchcraft affair made us lose a lot of money”

The production of the Marseillais, with whom you have worked since 2015, did not try to hold you back?

Kevin : They were very interested in our project but it was better to make a clean sweep. By continuing to work with them, we would have been forced to maintain links with people who were not correct with us. Not within production of course … It’s a risk we wanted to take.

Carla : When you’ve been used to doing the same thing over the years, it’s not easy to adapt to another way of working, a new shoot, but we loved it. We liked to show our life as it is, with our friends, our families. I had the impression of rediscovering the reality show from the beginnings, the one we all loved long before everyone knew the codes and played it.

Do you think reality TV has changed a lot?

Carla : At the present time, I no longer recognize myself in the Marseillais. There are no more natural girls. When you come, you are necessarily obliged to go through the injections box, there are no longer real couples like us when we met. I miss seeing people I can look like on TV. When I went on an adventure, I wondered if I still had my place in the program. I think we have to go back to the natural, whether it is physically or at the level of the stories.

At the time of the affair, you indicated that you had lodged a complaint for blackmail and fraud against the one who extracted 1.2 million euros from you over several years. Where is the deal?

Kevin : It’s going on, we don’t have the right to talk about it.

Did you lose a lot of money when you took a break from the affair?

Kevin : All our sources of income were cut off for a month. It’s a lot. It’s a big loss.

Carla : But it allowed us to really know what we wanted.

And when is this marriage due?

Kevin : Carla has too many ideas, that’s why it takes time to organize. Me, I let her do it and I tell her that everything is perfect.

Carla : It will come, very soon, I promise!

Key dates

1. 2016

Carla makes her first appearance in Les Marseillais South Africa. Kevin joined the program a year earlier. The 18-year-old blonde immediately fell in love with the Jaguar.

2. October 1, 2019

After many ups and downs, the couple announces that they have just had a baby. The birth of Ruby is the subject of a program on 6Play.

June 3, 2021

Following the witchcraft scandal, the couple announces that they are leaving Les Marseillais in Touche pas à mon poste.

4. November 5, 2021

Carla and Kevin release their very first show. La Mif offers to see them prepare Ruby’s birthday. Other seasons should follow.

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Interview by Léa Hasvry

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